A counseling session is simply an opportunity for another to be with your life experience and hold a mirror up with presence and care. You already know the answers, but perhaps you need someone to join you on the journey to help you find them. That process can be messy, hilarious, educational, surprising and healing. It is my desire to assist you along the way, without judgment and without inhibition. Counseling is kind of a drab name for a really magical relational process of support to allow us to become more powerful, self-expressive and whole.


My approach is not about diagnosing, problem solving, or advice giving, but rather about getting real with what's alive for you, giving us the room we need to unpack, unfold, sort the contents, clear out the clutter, and reorganize ourselves in order to better understand our selves, our relationships, and our world more clearly and deeply.

I specialize in issues related to: 
-Sex and Intimacy

-Non-Monogamous Relationship Models

-Erotic Service Industry
-Social Justice Activism Burn Out

I am a Certified Counselor. I am not a Licensed Therapist. 

affordable counseling in New Orleans



  • Having a witness to your life experience

  • Improving communication & interpersonal skills

  • Developing greater self-acceptance & self-esteem

  • Changing self-defeating behaviors & habits

  • Increasing confidence & decision-making skills

  • Expressing & managing emotions

  • Maintaining & nourishing relationships

  • Alleviating mental fatigue & stress

  • Improving problem-solving & conflict resolution abilities

  • Releasing trauma and past hurts

  • Living the life we truly want to live

Affordable counseling in New Orleans | life coach, specializing in sexuality, intimacy, and addiction

$60-100/60 min


$100-140/75 min