I offer sliding scale to accommodate different life circumstances and needs. This means I am quite grateful with the first suggested amount and deeply appreciative of the second. If your life circumstances do not allow you to give the suggested amount, please do not hesitate to inquire. Finances should never be a barrier to receiving support.




$60-100/60 min


$80-120/75 min


$100-140/90 min



$40-80/60 min



$200-260/60min weekly for one month

2 month commitment encouraged


$60-100/60 min


$100-140/75 min


$260-300/90 min
$300-360/120 min
Counseling session required


I am available in person at Libre Wellness Collective, your home or office, and via Skype.



I encourage all folks from all backgrounds to seek support as we cannot do this work alone.

I especially encourage individuals who have been marginalized, misfitted, addicted, traumatized, or otherwise unseen, to inquire.