Sex Therapy  in New Orleans

Sex Therapy & Education in New Orleans


  • Improving presence 

  • Improving communication with yourself & partners

  • Releasing fear, guilt, & shame of the body

  • Increasing confidence & self-esteem

  • Developing emotional openness & sharing

  • Learning sex education never previously taught to us

  • Addressing sexual concerns: arousal, ejaculation, orgasm, and technique

  • Healing from trauma & past hurts

  • Renewing safety & trust in the body

  • Cultivating a deeper sense of intimacy

  • Understanding sexual energy as creative energy

  • Utilizing sexual energy towards magic & manifestation

Outdated belief systems & attitudes, miseducation, trauma and current life struggles are stored in the body. The intention of Sexological Bodywork is to acknowledge the detrimental affects of our societal conditioning on our sensual lives, name blockages that exist within us and our relationships, release psychosomatic toxins, restore the body to wholeness, and celebrate our erotic liberation. Whether working through intimate and sexual issues or elevating your sexual connection, these sessions give us the opportunity to release the primal stagnancy that hold us back from deeper security and love.


Sexological Bodywork involves educational guidance and counseling with direct experience of the body. Sessions may include intention, meditation,  breathing techniques, sensate focusing exercises, visualization, and emotional release.

All sessions are uniquely tailored to your needs and are available for all individuals and partnerships. A minimum of one counseling session is required before receiving Sexological Bodywork.


Please note that Conscious Intimacy Counseling sessions are also available for strictly verbal support and education.

$260-300/90 min

$300-360/120 min
Initial intake counseling session required