Private yoga instruction in New Orleans, specializing in therapeutic support and addiction recovery



  • Establishing or deepening meditation practice

  • Journeying inward with reflective support

  • Improving concentration, memory, & attention

  • Enhancing flexibility, strength, & endurance of the mind 

  • Learning to listen to the body & its expressions

  • Increasing ability to respond rather than react

  • Alleviating anxiety & depression

  • Opening up to an undefended heart

  • Bringing equilibrium to the mind-body

  • Supporting ethical actions in our lives

Meditation Mentoring consists of instruction in mindfulness, or Insight (Vipassana) meditation. Reoccurring sessions support you in beginning or deepening a meditation practice while being supported in integrating mindfulness into daily life. Insight meditation combines the development of concentration and mindfulness which develop clarity of awareness alongside heart practices to stabilize the mind and heart. Insight meditation is a complete path for the alleviation of stress and suffering, based on the teachings of the Buddha.

For interested practitioners, meditation mentoring may include guidance in the integration of practice and Buddhist study in our everyday lives.

Possible study topics we may address:

Practical Mindfulness for More Presence & Less Anxiety

Introduction to & Value of Early Buddhist Teachings

Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Study)

The Four Noble Truths (Dukkha Study)

Being of Service (Sila Study)

Ethics & Intentions (8 Fold Path Study)

Tranquility & Insight (Jhana Study)

Transformative Capacity of the Heart (Brahmavijara Study)

The Cognitive Chain (Papanca Study)

Awakening from Hindrances (Dhammas Study)





$40-80/60 min



$200-260/60min weekly for one month